Who is behind the Whois? Part 2

We can be glad that the debate on the conditions of the processing of personal data in the Whois is launched, just as we can worry about the solution that seems to be, at least in the group of experts.

This centralizing proposal, which goes hand against the fundamentally decentralized nature of the Internet, carries the seeds of a new monopoly, the data mining on data from the Whois.
The economic model of what now is called the “Big Data” enables financial analysts to announce the potential of tens of billions of dollars in this market sector. One can legitimately question the reasons why to put on the table today a WHOIS data centralization solution that truly outweighs any advantage in protecting user privacy.
Many people have asked us to AFNIC, our position on this Copernican revolution proposed by the group of experts. We will, before taking a position, interact with them and hear their arguments. This was the case in Durban which is why AFNIC submitted last week an official commentary on the dedicated page of ICANN. I would strongly encourage those of you who are interested in issues of protection of privacy and, more generally, to the domain name industry, you will also participate in this consultation.

AFNIC, both as registration as Office .fr, and this pioneering title to respect for private life with the introduction of the anonymization of personal information relating to individuals, and as a technique for 17 new gTLDs operator, said in substance that the proposal deserved to be fully reworked and depth before being subjected to conventional procedures “PDP” (policy development process) of ICANN. The argument can be found here.

We bet that we will not be the only ones to alert ICANN on the need for further work and take the time to analyze all the economic, social and political such a radical change in the management of Whois.

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